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We can help your company in a number of ways and the key phrase here is scalable services.   We want to match with your needs and your budget to offer the perfect solution.

From 1 role to 200 roles we have it covered.  You want to hire quickly, we can help you achieve this.  You want to build out a talent function, then we have the perfect team to do this for you (including HR and Legal Professionals).  We have a lot of experience at our fingertips to tackle anything and most importantly not just deliver talent but the BEST talent available.  


Agency Solution  

This is the standard agency solution.   You pass us a role and we find you the perfect candidate.  We charge a % of the salary as a finders fee.  You only pay if you hire.  No hire, nothing to pay.   This is for those studios who want to use multiple agencies.  This isn't an option we would always recommend because most agencies wont prioritise your roles and you can often lose control of your brand if they (as they often do) rely on their junior recruiters to source for the roles.  


Embedded Talent Solution

This has become a popular choice for Companies recently and one that makes good use of our team.  Depending on what you need we can build out a long term talent function for your studio or just install a recruiter or recruitment team internally to help with some quick growth.  Unlike many agencies we have our own HR and Legal Advisers to make sure your Company is compliant with the most recent legislation including GDPR, IR35 and Conduct Regs.  

Payment for this service is a set monthly fee and can work out extremely cost effective.  It also gives you your very own in-house talent team without any of the commitment or risk involved in hiring an internal team yourself.


Exclusive Recruitment Partner 

This is a great option for studios who want to partner with us closely to discover the best talent at a much lower cost than normal agency rates.   If we can work with you exclusively we will not only bring in the most credible recruiters the industry can offer we will also charge a set fee per hire which will be almost half the cost of other agencies.   It sounds too good to be true but we want to build long term exclusive relationships with studios in the industry.  


Executive Recruitment 

We have worked on numerous executive roles internally and understand the importance of confidentiality, discretion and professionalism when it comes to C-Suite and Director+ level recruitment.   We are happy to take up assignments including executive level teams for start ups or a potential replacement at the top.    

We understand how important trust and reliability is at this level of recruitment and you can rely on us to deliver an efficient, premium yet cost effective service for your Company. 

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