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Scalable Talent Solutions for the Games Industry




Business not Buzzwords.  We know the Games Industry is a fun place to work but the main focus should always be commercial viability.  

Entrust us with every facet of your talent management, freeing you to focus on the broader aspects of your business.


A dedicated law and HR team that makes sure Gamesrecruit and our clients are always compliant with the latest employment legislation.   

Our adherence to a rigorous privacy and non-disclosure policy further ensures peace of mind for both clients and candidates


50+ years of Games Industry experience gathered via internal and external recruitment.  We have an unrivalled network of contacts within the industry.  

 There is a lot of talk from recruiters but we offer  actual experience and deliver real results.  


 A great candidate can make the difference between success and failure, and that is why we always set our bar high.  

We will always favour quality over quantity when it comes to finding talent for your business.  Anyone can find a candidate, we want to find you THE candidate. 


Imagine one day you have 5 open roles and the next day you have an additional 20 new roles go live!  This can happen in all companies, unexpected work suddenly appears.   You may already have a recruiter but now all of a sudden there is too much for them to cope with and your milestones are fast approaching. 

Maybe you are a start-up, have just received funding and need to scale up rapidly.  What you need is a talent partner, someone who can not only fill the roles but guide you through those first stages of growth.  We have a team with vast experience of doing just that time and time again, with proven success. 

Or perhaps you simply have a few roles and want to just give them out to a handful of agencies.  We'd love to work with you on this too. We have access to more than 20 Tech Recruiters with experience of internal hiring who we can call upon with little to no notice.   We can grow your talent team and reduce it as your hiring needs fluctuate. Gamesrecruit offers true scalability.

Diversity and Inclusion 

It's not ticking boxes, it's building better teams 

For a lot of companies it often feels like their D&I is just virtue signalling, it can feel like a commitment from them rather than a value add, something needed rather than something wanted.   At Gamesrecruit we see a diverse and inclusive workforce as a way of building a more successful, creative and productive business.   We always want to be hiring the best people but often it is our definition of "best" that needs to be challenged.   The more diverse a team the more diverse ideas and solutions come out of that team and that leads to a more successful business.   This isn't virtue signalling this is commercial common sense. 

At Gamesrecruit we aim to embrace all diversity including the often overlooked neurodiverse amongst us who can often feel uncomfortable with certain interview scenarios.   It is about being flexible and thinking about how things can be improved to make the whole recruitment process more welcoming and inclusive for EVERYONE.  

Teams we have helped build as Internal Recruiters 



Get to Know Us

Gamesrecruit has some of the best internal recruiters in the industry that are now utilising their experience to help studios build out talent solutions.  We've been on your side of the fence, we've taken companies from zero to 8.500 employees, through IPO's and out the other side.   We have seen the difference picking the right talent makes to the success of a business, we don't want anyone making the mistakes it is so easy to make in this industry when it comes to picking a talent partner.  


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our biggest strength lies in the quality of our team.  We have worked together successfully now for many years and with great success.  

The most important skill we all have is that we really care about finding the perfect candidate.  We all built a reputation around quality of hires and we now want to bring that to the wider Industry through Gamesrecruit.  

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Founder and Director 

Ady Brown

28 years of experience in the Games Industry most recently leading Global Tech Recruiting Teams at Unity for 8 years.  He saw them grow from 650 people to 8,500 and through an IPO on the NYSE (Symbol: U).  Previously headed TA at companies such as SEGA and Disney.  Adys passions are cats and travel.

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Sean Canning 

With 10+ years of experience Sean has led acquisitions and built recruitment teams up from scratch. Sean worked at Unity for 6 years and prior to that worked at Improbable, Sky and more recently Sharkmob.
Sean enjoys playing Warhammer, gaming, golf and taking his two miniature dachshunds for walks on the beach.

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Head of US Operations 

Jana Moore ​

Jana has more than 15 years in technical recruitment, most recently at Unity Technologies and Magic Leap.  Jana loves to travel, especially over to Europe to soak up the cold Mountain Air in Switzerland before returning to the heat and humidity of Florida.   Jana is our Gamesrecruit contact in the US

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Senior Recruiter 

Ashton Addington

Ashton loves Tech of all kinds but especially XR.  Ashton has 10+ years of experience, most of it working on advanced tech such as XR and Graphics Rendering.  More recently Ashton hired the Apple Vision Pro Team at Unity.  His interests are Golf, Golf and Arsenal Football Club. 

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Senior Recruiter 

Andy Jenkinson


Andy's most recent exploits were at Build A Rocket Boy, prior to that he was a Leadership Recruiter at META.   Andy also has a decade of experience starting his career before Unity at Aardvark Swift. His interests are Quiz Nights, Singing in a Swing Band and Barnsley Football Club  

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